Lauren Sanchez


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If they had an award for America’s hottest news anchor, we’re confident Lauren Sanchez would win it.

Newscasters just aren’t supposed to be this hot. At least that’s what pops into my head every time I see Lauren Sanchez reporting on L.A.’s UPN 13 News. It’s downright distracting. How’s a man supposed to pay attention to what’s going on in the world when the news anchor looks like she belongs on the Big Screen or—better yet—the Victoria’s Secret catalog. But make no mistake about it: Lauren Sanchez is more than just a pretty face. Needless to say she is blessed with incredible looks, but she also possesses the kind of intelligence and ambition that it takes to become a news anchor.

If there’s one word that captures Lauren’s spirit it’s hustle. Everything about her screams hustle; from the way she moves to her favorite sport (running). Even the way she got her start as a journalist is testament to this. She got her foot in the door at UPN 13 as an intern, but soon moved way up the ranks.

Lauren Sanchez certainly has a future as a newsperson if she wants it, but you have to wonder, how long can the news world contain her? How long before someone plucks her away from her news job to give her a shot at her own show or a movie? How long before everyone starts catching on to the fact that newscasters just aren’t supposed to be this hot.










You’re a reporter in Los Angeles, but you’re not from L.A. How did you find your way here?
I was born and raised in “the Land of Enchantment,” Albuquerque, New Mexico. Although it’s a beautiful place to live, I knew at a very young age that I wanted to discover what the world outside of Albuquerque had to offer. I moved to California just after my 18th birthday. My family couldn’t afford to send me to college so I attended a community college in Torrance, California. After two years on the dean’s list, I received a full-ride scholarship to U.S.C. where I studied communications.

How did you get your start as a journalist?
I’ve wanted to be a journalist as long as I can remember. As my mom will tell you, I’ve always been nosy! In the early 90’s, there were very few Hispanic news anchors, so I felt challenged—and I love a challenge! So I knocked on the doors of NBC, CBS and UPN. All of them said I was too young; but I didn’t take no for an answer and finally UPN gave me a shot as an intern. I mostly delivered coffee and tapes. Now you can turn me on every night at 11 p.m. and watch me delivering the news for that very same station!

You’re a journalist who happens to be incredibly beautiful. Do you find that your looks make it hard for you to be taken serious as a journalist?
Unfortunately, many people have a hard time accepting that a woman can be attractive and smart at the same time. I’m trying to break through those barriers by embracing hard work, intelligence, and a sense of humor.

You used to be a sportscaster. How does a woman like you walk into a locker room full of guys and not get hit on?
That’s easy to answer: You don’t! But as long as you act professionally, everything works out.

Who do you get the most fan mail from?
What’s great about my fans is that they come from all walks of life. I get everything from young girls wanting advice on how to be an anchor to men wanting a signed photo. Sometimes they even go as far as sending photos of themselves. And sometimes they just go too far!

You mean stalkers?
Yes, but ever since I called your boss and complained, I feel safe again.

Ouch! You got me...I hear you’re a runner. How good is your 10K time?
I run about an eight minute mile, but my trainer, Gary Kobat, is working on that. So you’d better be fast if you want to catch me!

Lauren Sanchez

What kind of thoughts motivate you when you’re trying to run fast?
I am extremely competitive so winning is important. But what really motivates me is doing my best. I know that might sound cheesy, but it’s true.

How about exes that you’d like to pulverize?
You’ve been reading too many tabloids! Don’t believe everything you read. Plus, I’d much rather focus my attention on positive things.

Speaking of men, tell us what your type is.
I don’t really have a “type.” My idea of the perfect man is someone who brings out the best in me.

Lauren Sanchez

You were the first runner-up for the co-host position on ABC’s The View that eventually went to Lisa Ling. I think Lisa is kind of annoying, do you think they made the right choice?
Of course I wish they would have picked me. It was a great opportunity, but everything happens for a reason. I had a great time on The View and I learned so much from Barbara Walters. She is truly a class act.

Do you think they were seriously considering all the candidates or did they already know who they wanted?
They definitely considered all the candidates! It was a long process but they handled it well. They definitely knew the personality type they wanted. Now that the job is open again, maybe they’d like to spice up the show a little bit…What do you think?

What’s on the horizon for Lauren Sanchez? Would you be satisfied making a long career as a local news anchor or are there other interests you would like to pursue one day?
I have a voracious appetite for information and my passion is communication. I hope to have a long and successful career in the industry—as an anchor or maybe even with my own talk show.



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